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Digora Software :

This is not a free software, you need to purchase a license at you local dealer !

Version 2.1 Single user

Version 2.1 Network 7 user

Version 2.6 Single user

Version 2.5 Network 7 user

Free downloads

Digora FMX and Classic Drivers for pci and isa board

Solid ODBC driver for win XP

Solid ODBC driver for Vista and Windows 7

Solid Unlock tool for Solid 2.2 engine

Unlock patient who stays locked on the patient card

Database reconstructor for Digora 2.1 version

Reconstructs your 2.1 Digora database if you still have all the images in a folder

Digolink (Make a link with digora from your own program)

Look here how to use Digolink !